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GMO Internet GMO Internet Group



GMO Internet's cryptocurrency mining business succeeded in developing 12 nm FFC process technology for semiconductor chips as a first initiative to realize cutting-edge mining chip.

GMO Internet launches " Cloud Blockchain " in official version that supports business utilizing blockchain technology.



Three group companies - GMO Gamepot, GMO GameCenter, and Syncloud - were merged into GMO Internet through organizational restructuring of Mobile Entertainment segment.


GMO Internet's Bitcoin mining business begins considering a launch of token sale (ICO) for the sales of next-generation mining boards.


GMO Internet to enter Bitcoin mining business.


GMO Internet launches "GMO Blockchain Open Source Software Project," offering medical record sharing system as the first initiative.


GMO Internet launches pay-per-sale platform "Kaking," a service that supports business reforms by small businesses.


GMO Wallet is officially launched as an entry point into the business area of virtual currency exchange and trading services.



Total annual transaction volume of GMO Pepabo's online handmade market "minne" has exceeded JPY 10 billion in 2017.

GMO Financial Gate launches built-in payment terminal accepting non-contact payment for vending machine.

GMO CLICK Securities' new commercial "Life is Precious" featuring actress Yui Aragaki begins airing.


Japan's leading online handmade market "minne" by GMO Pepabo begins airing nationwide TV commercial featuring actress Nozomi Sasaki.


" Securities (Thailand) Limited" is launched as GMO Financial Holdings' local subsidiary in Thailand.

GMO AD Partners' subsidiary, GMO Dream Wave was recognized as a company recruiting people with disabilities actively by Miyazaki Prefecture and Miyazaki City.

GMO Payment Gateway has launched "GMO-PG Processing Platform," the complete payment solutions such as debit, credit, prepaid and house cards for financial institutions and other financial service providers.

GMO Pepabo's research and development institute creating new technology and practice "Pepabo R&D Institute" launches research and development for cloud hosting that utilizes container type virtual technology in collaboration with Kyushu University Research Institute for Information Technology.


GMO Coin is registered as a cryptocurrency exchange business by Financial Services Agency.

In order to improve corporate value of financial segment, GMO CLICK Holdings (now GMO Financial Holdings) allocated third party shares in GMO Coin, making it a subsidiary. Coin changed their company name and service name to "GMO Coin."


GMO AD Partners acquires all shares from Shift-One, a video solution company having strengths in motion comic, making it a part of GMO Internet Group.


GMO CLOUD launches IoT solutions for automobiles enabling automatic analysis and remote diagnosis of car condition, the first of its kind in Japan.

GMO CLICK Securities' new commercial supporting national swim team begins airing on July 23.

GMO MAKESHOP's "MakeShop" is a service to build online store, and its transaction volume in ASP online store industry is No.1 for the 5th consecutive year.

GMO Payment Gateway, Bank of Yokohama and Almex to enter into discussion on smartphone payment integration and cash out service to enable withdrawals of cash from automatic payment machines.

GMO Pepabo, Pepabo R&D Institute, and Kyushu TLO Company consider collaboration between industry and academia.

GMO Cars launches "culumo byGMO" offering P2P platform to trade second hand cars.


GMO Payment Gateway provides platform system of "smartphone payment services linked with bank accounts" to Bank of Fukuoka.

GMO GlobalSign's "Online ID Verification Service Supporting My Number" is adopted into system integrator's BPO service: Used for gathering My Number on system targeting civil services.

GMO CLICK Securities receives three stars - the highest evaluation score - in call center and web support categories of HDI Benchmark.

GMO Internet Group launches the second demonstration experiment utilizing the blockchain and IoT in collaboration with Saison Information Systems and PARCO.


GMO NIKKO AD CAMP, a company specializing in content design, was recognized as a company attracting employees to Miyazaki Prefecture and Miyazaki City.

GMO Coin launches "GMO Coin" that enables virtual currency FX and virtual currency trading.

GMO CLOUD launches "IoT Navi" that supports IoT businesses.

GMO CLOUD and GMO GlobalSign acquired the shares in JC Square in a private sale of shares, making JC Square a member of GMO Internet Group.


GMO GlobalSign launches "Managed PKI for IoT," a high-volume Client Certificates issuing service for IoT devices.

GMO CLICK Securities' new commercial "Life is Beautiful" featuring Yui Aragaki begins airing.

GMO Pepabo opens handmade space "GOODAY FAB minne atelier" in Fukuoka City in collaboration with GooDay.


GMO CLICK Securities' new commercial "Life is Going on" featuring Yui Aragaki begins airing.

GMO GlobalSign and ARM, the world's leading semiconductor IP company, have partnered for enhanced security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices with GlobalSign joining the ARM(R) mbed(TM) Partnership.


GMO Payment Gateway has been selected best company to work for in the 2017 rankings for "Best Workplaces Japan" (for the category for companies with 100 to 999 employees) for the second consecutive year.


GMO Pepabo celebrates the fifth launch anniversary of its handmade market "minne."

GMO GlobalSign partners with Korean company JCSQUARE, a leader in the IoT realm, to work towards creating an IoT platform that keeps IoT devices more secure.

GMO CLICK Holdings launches the financial industry's first virtual reality trading app "GMO-FX VR Trading."

GMO CLICK Securities achieves the highest FX trading volume globally in 2016.

GMO Pepabo rebrands its rental server Lolipop! - originally launched in 2001.

GMO Pepabo merges with GMO Pepabo OC.

GMO Payment Gateway's payment services are chosen to process credit card payments for national taxes.



GMO Internet launches the "Site M&A Market," the first domestic online market place allowing the direct purchase and sale of websites.


Global brand "" becomes an official sponsor of the "AFF SUZUKI CUP 2016."


Global brand "" appoints Myanmar national football team player Kyaw Ko Ko as the local brand ambassador.


Business-focused cloud platform Cloud, which provides IaaS based one stop IT solutions, is launched.


GMO Internet forms capital and business alliance with Aozora Bank and Aozora Trust Bank to operate joint net bank.

Professional football player Shinji Kagawa appointed as brand ambassador for global brand ""

Sunrise registrations for the new domain .shop begin on


Shares acquired from Thai domain and hosting company NetDesign Group (now NetDesign), making it a GMO Internet Group company.


Memorandum of Understanding executed in relation to joint operation of net bank with Aozora Bank and Aozora Trust Bank.


GMO ATHLETES established to support athletes who are aiming to become No.1, beginning with a men's long distance running team.


GMO TokuToku BB ISP begins offering low priced SIMs for SIM-free devices.

Through the GMO Internet Group global brand "," we become the Vietnam national football team's top star partner. We also sign a sponsorship contract with one of the players Cong Phuong Nguyen.

Our video game and smartphone app cloud service GMO Apps Cloud receives Game Cloud Award's top prize for the fifth year in a row.


A joint development with Tech Bureau Corp. to create a blockchain based video game backend engine is begun.

January launches the Domain Sales Service to easily sell domains registered under it.



GMO GlobalSign establishes its local subsidiary "GMO GlobalSign FZ - LLC" in Dubai to begin expanding SSL certificate services in the Middle East.

GMO TECH introduces a "Year-round Potential Recruitment" policy from the 2017 new graduate recruiting period allowing individuals to choose whether to join the company in April or October for all job types.

GMO Payment Gateway introduces a "Year-round Potential Recruitment" policy from the 2017 new graduate recruiting period allowing individuals to choose whether to join the company in April or October in order to get an even more diverse mix of candidates.

GMO Commerce launches the "GMO Repeater" service, which encourages shoppers to become repeat customers.

GMO GlobalSign included in American news site CRN's "Top 50 IoT List" and selected as a "Top 5 IoT Security Vendor."

GMO Registry's new domain ".shop" reaches 100,000 domain registrations two months after general availability begins.


GMO Click Holdings launches its local subsidiary " Trade (Thailand) Limited" in Thailand, a country where the demand for financial services is expected to increase.

GMO CLICK Securities' new commercials "Life is a Challenge" and "Life is Sharing" featuring actress Yui Aragaki begin airing.

GMO Media launches video SNS app "millemo byGMO," which allows users to communicate their emotions through virtual stickers.

GMO Registry and GMO GlobalSign utilize the group's synergy to develop an SSL server certificate specifically for the new ".shop" domain.

GMO Payment Gateway adds its "GMO Pay Later" service as a payment option on one of Japan's largest online fashion stores "ZOZOTOWN."


GMO Payment Gateway's comprehensive payment service "PG Multi-Payment Service" adds "Apple Pay" as a new payment method.

GMO Pepabo's handmade market "minne" adds "Apple Pay" as one of its payment methods.

GMO Payment Gateway and The Bank of Yokohama announce their collaboration to develop the smartphone payment service "HamaPay, " with a release planned for March 2017.
The service links to users' bank accounts and is the first app by a domestic bank that allows payments to be made directly from an account.

GMO CLICK Securities launches stock lending services.

GMO Payment Gateway's payment services are chosen by Aichi Prefecture to process credit card payments for prefectural taxes.

JWord changes its corporate name to "GMO Insight."


GMO Payment Gateway allocated third party shares in Global Card System through GMO Financial Gate, making Global Card System a GMO Internet Group company.

The general availability phase for GMO Registry's new domain ".shop" begins.

GMO CLICK Holdings teams up with social loan provider maneo group to create the loan-based crowdfunding service "maneo," offering a new option in asset management.

GMO Payment Gateway and GMO Epsilon partner with Money Forward to offer small and medium sized businesses a loan service based off of Money Forward users' billing and accounting data.


The number of registrations made by trademark holders for GMO Registry's new domain ".shop" sets a new record with 1,182 applications.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. acquires shares in "MACROKIOSK Berhad," a leading mobile payment, authentication, and notification service provider in Malaysia, making them a member of the GMO Internet Group.


GMO NIKKO approved as an official partner in LINE's Business Connect Partner Program.

GMO TECH launches the PR movie making platform "VideoCraft by GMO."

GMO Cloud's service "Photon Realtime" wins the Award of Excellence in the Engineering division at CEDEC AWARDS 2016, which highlighted computer entertainment developers.

GMO CLICK Securities joins with Fintech venture company Finatext to develop FX trade tip giving app "FX Clue."

CMO CLICK Securities teams up with Daiwa Securities Group to launch investment video news site "GMO CLICK TV Investment Channel."

GMO Pepabo establishes the Pepabo Lab, which is a research and development organization that focuses on the creation of new technology.

GMO Pepabo makes a partnership agreement with Kagoshima Prefecture's Amami City under the catch phrase "freelancing is better done island style."


GMO Payment Gateway invests in prepaid card system provider Valuedesign.

GMO TECH launches inbound and transnational ecommerce focused ad marketing service "AsiAD by GMO."


GMO GlobalSign approved by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications as an accredited verifier of "My Number Card" digital certificate validity.

GMO GlobalSign and Saison Information Systems team up to help create a secure IoT environment.

GMO Epsilon launches online transfer service "GMO Epsilon Rakuraku Money Transfer" to make users' bank transfers related to expenses and office rents more affordable.


GMO Payment Gateway's payment service adopted by Oita prefecture for automobile taxes paid via credit card.

GMO Payment Gateway invests in Indian mobile wallet company One Mobikwik Systems Private Limited through GMO Global Payment Fund.

GMO Pepabo begins offering food products on its handemade market "minne."

GMO Pepabo collaborates with Kobe's city run Design and Creative Center Kobe/KIITO to open "minne Atelier Kobe," a facility that supports Kansai based artists

GMO MakeShop's online shope service "MakeShop" begins offering users the option to pay for items via their accounts.

GMO Payment Gateway begins a "Bank Transfers(virtual accounts)" service, which creates unique accounts for each transaction.

GMO GlobalSign launches the "GlobalSign IoT Program" to help make secure IoT environments a reality.

GMO DigiRock releases the iOS version of its app "mizica by GMO," which allows users to share videos within the app's map.

The city of Fukuoka adopts GMO Payment Gateway's payment processing service and credit card payment site management service to pay for local inhabitant taxes, motor vehicle taxes, and property taxes from April.


In order to develop better mobile device autehntication solutions, GMO Global Sign collaborates with authentication app MePIN's owner Meontrust Inc and leading international mobile network provider TeliaSonera.

GMO Media's fashion SNS "CoordiSnap" and Gakken Plus' monthly fashion magazine "mer" team up to make a clothing line for their Dream Girl Project collaboration. Clothing company Shimamura releases "Shimamura coordinated fashion," which is sold through its Fashion Center Shimamura chain.

GMO TECH adds the option of video ads to its smartphone ad service "GMO SmaAD."

GMO GlobalSign begins a collaborative project with world famous semiconductor Infenion Technologies and New Hampshire's "InterOperability Laboratory" to conduct tests related to the practical application of security solutions within IoT environments.

GMO Pepabo's handmade market "minne" surpasses 200,000 registered sellers.

GMO CLICK Securities begins handling 34 types of stock including the US stock market's ETFs based on CFD transactions.

GMO NIKKO combines its current marketing solutions to create the brand "GMO Mars (Official Name: Marketing Suite)" so it can offer a wider variety of marketing cloud solutions to meet companies' digital marketing needs.

GMO Pepabo's handmade market "minne" begins a yearlong in-store sales event "Mieru Tour" at PARCO stores nationwide.


In order to promote local businesses from Yamaguchi prefecture's Shimonoseki City more overseas, GMO Cloud joins with the city to establish a "Shimonoseki Business Overseas Promotion Partnership Agreement."

GMO Payment Gateway chosen as "the best company" in Great Place to Work(R) Institute Japan's 2016 "Worthwhile companies" survey.

GMO Payment Gateway begins supporting Hokkoku Bank's local revitalization efforts as an OEM through its smartphone payment service "GMO Pallet.

GMO CLICK Securities launches "Shin FX Neo" OTC FX.

GMO TECH launches the customer attracting tool "GMO Audience Optimizer" to provide optimal online promotion.


In order to help create a safer IoT, GMO GlobalSign joins the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

GMO Domain Registry acquires the rights to its new domain ".shop," bidding the highest domain auction price in history at USD 41.5 million.

GMO TECH and GMO NIKKO collaborate to make a comprehensive content marketing service that uses videos.

GMO GlobalSign collaborates with America's leading mobile security company Bluebox Security to better support mobile application development companies.

GMO Payment Gateway launches its "Information Disclosure Protector" and offers it to all shops using its payment services.

GMO AD Marketing launches its content recommendation widget "TAXEL by GMO."

GMO Payment Gateway begins offering PPS companies (retail electric providers) with an optimal regular monthly payment collection service option.

GMO Financial Gate releases its next generation hybrid payment device "VEGA3000-Touch" (stationary and mobile models).

In order to promote accelerated growth in the ad technology field, GMO Internet Group's online marketing and media focused companies GMO AD Marketing, GMO Mobile, and AdCloud combine under the name "GMO AD Marketing."

GMO Pepabo transfers all of its shares in Booklog to BOOKOFF CORPORATION.

GMO CLICK Securities chooses to continue using its 2015 commercial spokeswoman Yui Aragaki again in 2016.



GMO Internet Group is one of four companies who supported ":tech tokyo 2015" as gold sponsors.


Julian Opie Artworks from Kumagai Collection exhibition is held.


Discussions begin between Daiwa Securities Group, Daiwa Securities, GMO CLICK Holdings, and GMO CLICK Securities to combine their strengths and create an advanced and attractive joint financial service. As part of the deal, Daiwa Securities Group acquires a stake in GMO Click Holdings.

GMO Internet Group song "Internet for Everyone" by Tetsuya Komuro is released.


GMO Internet acquires 80% of shares from enterprise domain registration services company Brights Consulting, making Brights part of the GMO Internet Group.


Shareholder returns policy revised upward to 50% including long-term share buyback plan.


Discussions with Aozora Bank about joint operations of an online bank begin. A contract concerning capital and the business tie-up is signed by GMO Internet, GMO Payment Gateway, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.


GMO Internet launches simple and friendly Cloud Platform "ConoHa by GMO".


The domain service exceeds 10million domain names.


" Trade UK Limited" launches service global brand of GMO Internet group "" in UK.


Cloud service "GMO AppsCloud" awarded the first prize of "Game Game Cloud Award 2015".



GMO Commerce begins using "GMO Shift Manager," a shift management tool able to collect and manage its employees government issued "My Numbers."

GMO Culture Incubation's artist Shintaro releases his first original songs in the "Chopper EP" on the TREKKIE TRAX label.

GMO Pepabo's handemade market "minne" collaborates with Yamato Transport to begin offering "TA-Q-BIN Compact" and "Neko Post" services.


GMO Cloud and GMO GlobalSign launch their joint release "GMO Digital Contract Service Agree," a digital contract and signature confirmation service.

GMO Commerce and SEGA Games Co., Ltd. SEGA Networks Company collaborate to create the "Shop Round" 020 app, which helps drive customers to physical stores, and release it on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

GMO Payment Gateway releases the "Fraud Prevention Service (ReD)" on its "PG Multi Payment Service" to help prevent credit card fraud.

GMO AD Marketing aims to take its ad results for the smartphone ad network service "ADResult for SmartPhone" to the next level through the renewal of its "AkaNe by GMO service."

GMO CLICK Securities receives the highest rating of three stars in HDI-Japan's "2015 Help Desk Rating (Securities Market)" in the Help Desk and Support Portal divisions.


GMO Media is listed on the TSE Mothers Index. The company's domain name changes from "" to ""

GMO Pepabo holds a business strategy press meeting for its handmade market "minne," announcing its plans to add new value to the realm of handmade goods.

GMO NIKKO meets Yahoo's requirements to become a "Yahoo! Marketing Solutions Authorized Reseller," receiving a four star rating.


GMO Pepabo's handmade market "minne" surpasses 3 million smartphone downloads.


GMO Commerce releases its restaurant aimed tool "GMO Smart Reserve," which allows restaurant owners to manage online reservations received from various reservation sites as well as reservations placed via the phone all in one place.

Through its specialized payment fund GMO Global Payment Fund, GMO Payment Gateway invests USD 1 million in Taiwan's major settlement company Neweb Technologies Co., Ltd., helping to strengthen their business alliance.

GMO CLICK Securities' new commercial featuring actress Yui Aragaki begins airing.


GMO AD Partners acquires the stock of the skilled ad technology company AdCloud to make it part of the GMO Internet Group.


As a part of GMO Internet Group's international brand's overseas strategy, GMO Cloud's overseas business GMO CLOUD AMERICA INC. is reorganized under GMO Internet, and GMO CLOUD Pte. Ltd. is reorganized under GMO Internet Pte. Ltd.

GMO Venture Partners transfers all of it shares in popIn Inc. to Baidu Japan.


GMO CLICK Holdings starts trading Nikkei 225 "Weekly Options".

GMO-PG launches Inbound Marketing service supporting businesses that serve international visitors to Japan.

GMO Media launches a new function that enables users to visit ecommerce sites directly from fashion coordinate app "Coordi Snap".

GMO Payment Gateway introduces overseas payment service, "GMO-PG Global Payment " to Malaysia`s Biggest e-commerce Shopping Cart Service.

FX Prime by GMO new binary option service tops 1 billion yen in option purchases only 16 days after the service launches.

GMO Pepabo opens a studio for C2C online handmade market "minne" in Tokyo.

GMO Payment Gateway launches new "PG multi currency payment service" for ecommerce operators in global market.


GMO Payment Gateway launches "GMO-PG Remmitance", a refund and remmitanace service for e-commerce operators.

FX Prime by GMO launches smartphone app for binary option trading.

GMO Cluture Incubation to Co-produce after party at SLUSH ASIA, as world's largest start-up event is held in Asia for first time.

GMO CLICK Holdings launches Android app "CFDroid" for CFD trading and smartphone FX app " FXWatch! ".

FX PRIME by GMO launches binary option trading.

Booklog launches the reader analytics for publishers on the book review community blog "Booklog".

GMO CLICK Holdings listed on JASDAQ securities market.


Tokyo government adopts GMO Payment Gateway credit card payment service for government all tax payments in Tokyo.

Online C2C hand made market "minne" by GMO Pepabo exceeds 100 thousands sellers and 1 million registered items.

One of the biggest Russian hosting services REG.RU SSL adopts GMO GlobalSign SSL as a standard service.

GMO Payment Gateway launches "Chargeback insurance" to protect ecommerce operator against from credit card misuse.

In Japan GMO GlobalSign launches single sign on (SSO) service by Ubisecure, a GMO Internet Group in Finland.

GMO Venture Partners establishes new fund "GMO Venture Partners 4 Investment Limited Partnership".

GMO Epsilon launches the lending service "GMO Epsilon transaction lending" for ecommerce operators.

English presence of GMO CLICK Holdings " Trade UK Limited" launches FX ,CFD trading service.

GMO CLICK Holdings "GMO CLICK Investment" transfers all of stocks to FJ next.


GMO Digirock launches the WordPress cloud app "COREPRESS Cloud byGMO" from 500 yen per month.

C2C online handmade market app "minne" by GMO Pepabo reaches 1 million downloads.

Cloud ecommerce website builder service "Custom Make Shop for Cloud" by " GMO MAKESHOP" launches a direct from farm system that enables the agricultural business to sell fresh produce online.

"GirlsCamera" camera app for girls worldwide by GMO Media reaches 30 million downloads.

GMO Pepabo promotes C2C hand online handmade market "minne" with TV commercial featuring Asami Misukawa all over Japan.

The curation services "Ranking Share by GMO" by "GMO Media reaches 4 million users and 10 million downloads per month.


GMO CLICK Holdings achieves the highest FX trading volume globally for 3rd consecutive year.

GMO Cloud launches the SaaS type solar "energy monitor " as entry into energy management business.

GMO Research adds Australia to the 13 th research object country to ASIA Cloud Panel making panel the biggest consumer research panel for online research in Asia Pacific.

GMO Commerce launches affiliate marketing service "GMO Check in" using Beacon.

GMO MAKE SHOP service, "MakeShop" achieves No.1 transaction volume annually in 2014 for 3rd consecutive year.

GMO Registry new domain ".ryukyu" launches on


November launches email distribution system " mail marketing" for bulk mail distribution with features including attribute targeting and effectiveness measurement.

GMO Internet acquires for JPY800 million. GMO Internet Group to make its Global Brand.

Web site brokerage "Site M&A by GMO" launches "Tech M&A archive", a free M&A database specializing in the Internet Industry. launches IaaS cloud service" Cloud".

October launches GMO WP Cloud service for WordPress.

GMO Internet Partners with Myanmar Company, Ace to Establish Local Joint Venture GMO ACE Company Limited.

July promotes new domain ".tokyo" with TV commercial featuring Japanese pop group AKB48. offers Okinawa new domain ".okinawa".


"GMO AppsCloud" cloud hosting rebooted on Open Stack. launches new domains ".wiki" and ".club". launches new domains ".tokyo" for registration to trademark holders.

March promotes Japan's first new domain, ".nagoya" with TV commercial in Nagoya featuring Japanese pop group, SKE.


Japan's first Geographic top-level domain," .nagoya" opens for registration to trademark holders. launches new 34 domain extensions including ".club", ".email" and ".company".


GMO Internet, GMO Venture Partners and Bakumatsu co-found "GMO Venture Tsushin Startup Support Co. Ltd.".

"GMO Data Center Korea, Inc." establishes in Seoul, Korea to expand the cloud business for mobile game.



New company GMO Culture Incubation launched to support No. 1 artists and cultural activities.

GMO TECH listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS market.

GMO Global Sign launches digital signature service "EV code signing certificate" for signing software.

GMO CLICK Securities achieves 3-star rating, the higest possible rating in the Support Portal Division of the HDI-Japan 2014 Customer Service Ratings.

GMO CLICK Holdings is ranked the overall No.1"Online Securities Trading" service by ORICON in 2015.


GMO NIKKO launches "GMO Private DMP'' a marketing tool that enables companies to take optimum advantage of customer data assets.

GMO Cloud listing moved to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

GMO Research is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS market.

GMO Pepabo makes global online web shop builder "Jugem Cart" free of charge.


GMO Global Sign acquires Finnish IAM software company Ubisecure.

GMO DIGITAL Lab launches "Biz Pallete App by GMO" enabling users to make their own brand apps at an affordable price.

GMO TECH launches O2O App Builder, GMO AppCapsule.


GMO AD Partners acquires exclusive marketing rights in Japan for smartphone analysis tool "Apsalar" from the United States.


GMO NIKKO launches advertising operating tool "GMO MARKETING SUITE for Social Media" using Twitter Ads API for the first time in Japan.

GMO Global Sign named to "OTA 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll", for fourth year in a row.

GMO Commerce takes on Yahoo! JAPAN mobile CRM marketing service "katy" and launches marketing support service for offline stores.

GMO Registry opens new domain for Yokohama ".yokohama".

GMO Payment Processing Service launches GMO-PG Global Payment in Thailand.


GMO CLICK Holdings launches NISA account.

GMO Research launches DIY(Self) Research System "GMO Market Observer".



GMO Media, Fashion app for smartphone, "Coordisnap" reaches 1 million downloads at the end of April.

GMO TECH, "GMO Social Media Support" launches to provide all-in social media solution from marketing through to analytics.

GMO Payment Gateway launches app-based smartphone payment service"GMO Pallet".

GMO Payment Gateway operating credit card payment service and payment site for Mie prefecture automobile tax payments.

GMO MAKESHOP launches "MakeShop for Omni-channel" for ecommerce operators to seamlessly connect multiple channels.

GMO RESISTRY opens ".tokyo" for registration exclusively to trademark holders.

GMO Pepabo, launches "SUZURI", service that enables users to create and sell original items.

Osaka City adopts GMO Payment Gateway service for credit card payments of water utilities.

paperboy&co becomes" GMO Pepabo, Inc".


GMO CLICK Holdings reduces commissions on stocks, futures options by 3%.

GMO Payment Gateway establishes local presence in Taiwan as a branch of its Hong Kong business, and launches "GMO-PG Global Payment".

paperboy&co. C2C online handmade market, "minne" becomes No.1 market in Japan by participation of sellers. The number of sellers exceeds 25,000.

paperboy&co. launches "Lolipo touch" App for smart website design using just one finger.

GMO CLOUD launches new public cloud service "GMO Cloud Public ALTUS", on Apache CloudStack®.


GMO Payment Gateway launches "GMO-PG Global Payment" through Malaysian local presence.

Japan's first Geographic top-level domain, ".nagoya" opens for registration to trademark holders.

GMO AppStudio launches town builder game "Line Dream Garden" on LINE.

paperboy&co. launches secondhand clothing market app, "Kiteco".

In 2013, GMO CLICK Securities achieves the highest FX trading volume globally for 2nd consecutive year.

GMO Payment Gateway receives "account support campaign" award hosted by Facebook for first time in Japan.


Game Pot becomes "GMO GamePot, Inc".

GMO MAKESHOP, "MakeShop" transaction volume exceeds JPY100 billion annually in 2013.

GlobalSign provides SSL to candidates in Tokyo Gubernatorial elections.



GMO Internet Group recognized by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as "A Company Supportive of Raising Children" and awarded the "Kurumin" mark under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. offers 14 new domains including .bike, .estate, .camera.


PC game development company, GMO GamePot, Inc. joins GMO Internet Group.

September launches Trademark Clearinghouse registration service for trademark holders participating in new domain Sunrise phases.

Remote desktop service, Desktop Cloud recognized in Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2013 with Hosting Competency prize.


GMO Internet Acquires Stake in Chinese Game Developer, GMO CHECKPOINT GAMES to Strengthen Native App Development Capability.

New VPS brand, ConoHa by GMO launches with IPv6, multiple IP address and local network support.


Smartphone soccer game, Smart Soccer by GMO launches on Android.


GMO Internet and GMO RUNSYSTEM establish Internet research and development facility, GMO Vietnam Lab Center, in Vietnamese capital, Hanoi.


GMO AppsCloud receives top award in App Cloud Awards 2013.



GMO Click Holdings establishes "GMO CLICK Bullion Limited" to provide bullion trading services.

GMO Mobile launches electronic dictionary comparison website.

GMO Makeshop partners with Performance Display Ad provider, CRITEO to provide retargeting advertising for SaaS based net shopping cart service, MakeShop.

GMO Registry signs ICANN Registry Agreement for new geographic Top Level Domain, .yokohama.

Group company, Innovators becomes GMO Innovators.


GMO GlobalSign expands online campaign verification service to cover metropolitan government elections.

GMO Registry signs ICANN Registry Agreements for new Geographic Top Level Domains, .tokyo, .nagoya.

GMO CLICK Securities launches new Binary Options product in response to new industry regulations.


GMO Payment Gateway establishes local entity in Hong Kong.

GMO Payment Gateway and GMO Venture Partners establish Global Payment Fund to invest in payment solution ventures in South East Asia.

FX Prime by GMO launches mirror trading platform.

FX Prime becomes FX Prime by GMO.

GMO CLICK Securities announces free trading on CLICK 365.


GMO Payment Gateway selected to provided payment processing in Japan for taxi app Hailo.

GMO NIKKO partners with KAIZEN platform Inc. to launch landing page optimization service Growth LP by GMO.

GMO Registry is official partner of Tokyo Marathon 2014.


GMO Commerce expands partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN to provide consulting services for stores on Yahoo! Shopping.

Forex Magnates reports that GMO CLICK tops its worldwide ranking of online FX trading volume for the first half of 2013.


paperboy&co. net shop builder solution ColorMeShop used by over 60,000 stores in Japan.

GMO AdPartners invests in Innovators, Inc. and the company joins GMO Internet Group .

GMO CLICK Securities FX trading volume exceeds 100 trillion yen for the month of June 2013.

GMO Registry passes ICANN’s initial evaluation for new gTLDs .tokyo, .osaka, and .nagoya.


GMO CLICK Securities is official partner of Japan’s national swim team.

GMO CLICK Securities FX product, FX Neo surpasses 300,000 accounts.

Epsilon changes company name to GMO Epsilon.

GMO Fast Translation introduces translation services for 5 ASEAN languages.

Tri’s Digital base established in joint venture between GMO AD Partners and Tri Stage.

GMO Research Chinese joint venture, GMO E-Lab Marketing Research (Shanghai), opens for business.


GMO Payment Gateway launches pay later service.

Ecommerce cloud solution for large-scale ecommerce businesses, Custom MakeShop for Cloud launches in partnership between GMO MakeShop and GMO System Consulting.

GMO DigiRock launches new shared server service under Value brand.

GMO CLICK Securities ranks number one in Japan in CFD trading volume.

GMO Payment Gateway chosen by Osaka prefectural government to provide payment processing for automobile taxes.

paperboy&co. SaaS based online shop builder, ColorMeShop release iphone app that enables inventory and order status checking in real time.

GMO TECH launches app store search optimization service GMO SmaAD ASO.


GMO Payment Gateway partners with fluxflex, Inc. to support WebPay,a payment processing service for web developers.

Total trading volume in GMO MakeShop net shop builder service totals 98 billion yen in 2012 ?the highest trading volume of any SaaS based net shop builder in Japan.

GMO Cloud and Exit Games partner to release popular SaaS network engine, Photon Cloud in Japanese.


GMO Payment Gateway adds Jibun Ginko as new payment method.

GMO GlobalSign, Inc. (US) received Information Security Global Excellence award for SSL.

GMO GameCenter game app platform, G-Gee launches iPhone game app.


GlobalSign launches Verification Services for Online Election Campaigning.

GMO CLICK Securities ranked global number 1 in FX trading volume by Forex Magnates for the year of 2012.


GMO Payment Gateway marketing support services receive Google Excellent Performer Award for the period October to December 2012.



GMO AppsCloud surpasses 1,000 app milestone.

GMO Internet holds "auditions" for new recruits in 2014. tops 5 million total domain name registrations.


GMO Internet and Microsoft Japan launch world first cloud development environment for Windows® applications.

May Rental Server VPS (KVM) joins the LPI-Japan Business Partner program by non-profit organization LPI-Japan (Linux Professional Institute Japan).

Research and development support program established for the Group’s engineers and creators.


Domain registration service launched in Vietnam via GMO RunSystem Corporation.

February is ranked the world’s number one fastest growing registrar during November 2011 to December 2012.


GMO AppsCloud takes out top prize in App Cloud Awards 2012.



GMO AD Partners launches Yahoo! Listing Ad service for ad agencies.

GMO Commerce partners with Yahoo! JAPAN to grow number of merchants on Yahoo! Shopping.

GMO CLICK Securities is ranked number one in the FX market and number two in the securities market in the 2013 Oricon customer service ranking.


GMO Venture Partners launches GMO Venture Partners Fund III dedicated to Advertising, Ecommerce, Payment, and Smartphone related startups in South East Asia.

Global membership of Android™ game platform G-Gee® exceeds 20 million.

GMO RUNSYSTEM becomes government accredited registrar of Vietnam domain .vn.

GMO CLICK Securities achieves highest transaction volume in over-the-counter CFD trades for the first half of 2012.


GMO TECH launches Japan's first results based App Store Optimization (ASO) solution, ASO Airlines by GMO.

GMO NIKKO launches integrated ad management platform, GMO Marketing Suite.

paperboy&co. launches English-language ecommerce solution, Jugem Cart to global market.


GMO CLICK Holdings acquires FX PRIME Corporation (JASDAQ 8711) after successful tender offer bid.

JWord launches JWord Smartphone Keyword for smartphone version of Yahoo! JAPAN search.

GMO CLICK Securities is named global number one FX provider by Forex Magnates (based on trading volume).


paperboy&co. launches Sqale cloud hosting service for developers .

GMO Cloud adds Malaysia data center to GMO Cloud Public Multi-location service.

GMO CLICK Hong Kong launches forex trading service.

Puboo, the self publishing service operated by BookLog, introduces a new function that connects users (authors) to ebook stores, and Kobo Ebook store agrees to distribute Puboo publications.

GMO AD Partners launches sales of GMO SSP for Smartphone developed by GMO Searchteria.

GMO Payment Gateway and five other payment processing service providers establish EC Payment Forum as a forum for the exchange of information on safe and secure payment processing.


GMO Research’s Japan Cloud Panel exceeds 2.8 million panelists making it one of the largest in Japan.

GMO TECH launches search optimization tool for smartphone app stores.

paperboy&co. domain name registration service, MuuMuu Domain launches reseller service.

GlobalSign Certificate Authority brand achieves highest net growth in Japan SSL market for first half of 2012.


GMO NIKKO launches display ad management platform GMO DSP for Smartphone.

paperboy&co. establishes new ebook company, Booklog, Inc..


GMO MAKESHOP’s MakeShop service achieves highest transaction volume in the ASP market during the period Jan-Mar 2012.

GMO Payment Gateway awarded the Google Excellent Performer Award for the period Jan-Mar 2012.

GMO CLICK Securities hits highest trading volume in Japan CFD trading market.

GlobalSign becomes accredited as Authorized Certificate Authority for the North American Energy Standards Board.

GMO TECH forms advertising distribution business partnership with leading European reward network, SponsorPay.


GMO CLICK Securities introduces full-featured trading tool for securities and futures options.

GMO RunSystem Corporation launches domain registration service for the Vietnam market.

GMO CLOUD introduces Service Level Agreement for GMO CLOUD Public.

GMO CLICK Securities captures third largest share of transaction volume in Japan securities trading market.

GMO CLOUD service brand iSLE is merged with cloud solutions brand GMO Cloud.


GMO CLOUD opens data center in San Jose, California and launches multi-location service for GMO Cloud Public.

GMO GameCenter partners with Fuji Television to port iPhone apps to Android and distribute via the G-Gee platform.

GMO CLICK Securities releases forex option trading tool for Android.

GMO Registry receives government backing to operate .nagoya.

GMO Creators Network to deliver content for official China Mobile website.

Yahoo! JAPAN adopts GlobalSign’s Managed SSL Service using automated API.

GMO Registry receives support letter from Yokohama city to operate .yokohama.

GlobalSign SSL certificates now compatible with all smartphones and 96% of feature phones in Japan.

GMO CLICK Securities introduces stop price ordering.


GMO Registry receives letter of support from Osaka Prefecture government to apply for new gTLD .osaka.

GlobalSign awarded Best SSL Product Line Strategy in North America by Frost & Sullivan.

GMO Kumapon partners with fellow daily deals provider Shareee to offer Shareee coupons via the Kumapon daily deals website.

Searchteria changes its company name to GMO Searchteria, Inc.

Wadax changes its company name to GMO CLOUD WEST, Inc.


GMO Research launches GMO Research Cloud Panel for efficient, low-cost online market research.

Kofu city in Yamanashi prefecture Japan chooses GMO Payment Gateway’s public sector service enabling residents to make water utility payments by credit card.

GMO CLICK Securities releases Android app for securities trading.

paperboy&co establishes smartphone game app joint venture company with gooya, Paperbooya, Inc.

GMO CLICK Securities service FX Neo exceeds 200,000 accounts.

GMO AD Partners forms capital and business partnership with mobile/smartphone ad network company, Searchteria to establish new Group company.


November begins accepting general defensive registrations of .xxx domains from non-adult industry companies for brand protection.

Holdings company established in GMO CLICK Securities share transfer.

August begins accepting Landrush phase applications for Japanese language .asia IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names).

GMO Bears opens to provide childcare for GMO Internet Group employees.


New NEC high-speed wireless LAN router to support Dynamic DNS.

GMO Internet forms capital and business alliance with VALUE-DOMAIN.COM Operator, DigiRock. DigiRock becomes GMO Internet Group company.


GMO Internet Group opens employee cafeteria, aims to provide leading employee communication space.

Vietnam-based offshore developer, RunSystem Corporation becomes GMO Internet Group company following the formation of a new business and capital partnership.

GMO Internet and Acrodea establish joint venture company, GMO GameCenter.


GMO Internet Group unveils new corporate logo series as part of initiative to create a new brand image in line with business growth.


GMO Internet Group established earthquake relief support initiatives.

GMO Internet launches new program under GMO Social Apps Initiative.

February Introduces 22 third level .com/.net/.org domains.


GMO Internet introduces quarterly dividend payment structure.



GMO Android Initiative announces contest winners. Grand prizes go to Mugen Makai Disgaea and Espgaluda.

GMO Cloud Public service is revamped boosting performance by 400%.

GMO SEO Technology changes name to GMO Tech, Inc.

GMO GameCenter’s Android gaming platform, G-Gee reaches 1 million member milestone in Japan.

GMO AD Partners and paperboyy&co. to hold Graph hack Award pre-event, Graph hack Seed by GMO.

In ORICON’s Customer Service Ranking, GMO CLICK Securities places number one in “level of satisfaction regarding fees” category for the third consecutive year. The company also places first in all six “transaction tool usability” categories.


GMO Research officially launches GMO Global Social Research™ for worldwide tracking of consumer opinion on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

GMO Registry receives official support from Tokyo Metropolitan Government to apply for new generic Top Level Domain, .tokyo.

GMO Cloud launches Cloud Panel app (iPhone/Android) for remote server operation from smartphone and tablet devices.

paperboy&co. web hosting service, Lolipop! Celebrates 10th anniversary.

GMO Research release Facebook app for research community, infoQ.

GMO SEO Technology launches Point Appli by GMO, a point reward service for Android devices.

GMO Research launches Online Research Community Recruiting by GMO for recruiting MROC (Market Research Online Community) members.

GMO CLICK Securities establishes new company, GMO CLICK Investment.


GMO Payment Gateway introduces GMO PG Marketing Solutions for Merchants. Facebook Commerce Support becomes first offering in new lineup.

GlobalSign in partnership with Japan Commodity Clearing House launches Managed PKI Lite for Mobile powered by Gleas, a client certificate service for iPhone and iPad.

GMO SEO Technology launches Facebook page production and marketing service.


paperboy&co. officially releases launches social interview website “The Interviews”. “The Interviews” attracts 200,000 members and 100 million page views in first two months.

GMO Cloud included in Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS Core Index.

GMO CLICK Securities expands CFD transaction service to cover transactions with no expiry date including gold, silver, and platinum spots.

Sanow Lab by GMO (GMO AD Partners / paperboy&co.) announces winner of Graph hack award is gigle by Krypton Future Media.

GMO Registry to provide Registry Services for Indonesian country code Top Level Domain, .id.

GMO NIKKO acquires mobile advertising agency business of Cybird and partners with the same company to provide Cybird mobile marketing development solutions.

Parallels Partner Storefront to sell GlobalSign OneClickSSL.


GlobalSign first in Japan to offer SSL certificate approval via meta tag URL as an alternative to email.

paperboy&co. launches free iPhone app for turning Lolipop! web hosting service into personal cloud.

GMO GameCenter partners with LG Uplus to distribute G-Gee Android Games in Korea.

GlobalSign SHA2 Timestamp Authority certificates adopted by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation for Japan’s first satellite time stamp service.

Launch of GMO SSP and GMO DSP, supply-side and demand-side advertising platforms developed by GMO AD Partners’ Sanow Lab.

Android™ game platform G-Gee to deliver premium content via Samsung GALAXY S II Game Hub in 25 European countries.

GMO Media rolls out mobile device wallpaper service for Android? devices on the NTT Docomo network.

GMO Payment Gateway establishes GMO-PG Payment Lab to research and develop new ecommerce and payment processing technology and services.

GMO AD Partners establishes joint venture company GRAPH TURN in partnership with Exys.

GlobalSign forms strategic partnership with cloud software provider OnApp in the United States.


GMO CLICK Securities revamps Hatchu-kun FX service with introduction of new features including technical indicators displayed on order charts.

FX app for iPhone, iClickFX by GMO CLICK Securities, exceeds 5,000 downloads. Smartphones now account for 23.0% of FX transactions.

GMO CLICK Securities launches Nikkei 225 futures trading tool Laser Trade 225.

GMO CLICK Securities enters into JPY10 billion syndicated counter indemnity agreement to strengthen financial base in face of new leverage regulations.

GMO Payment Gateway to introduce F-commerce/Social Commerce Support Solutions       with acquisition of Social Commerce Technology, Inc.


paperboy&co. ebook publishing platform Puboo celebrates first anniversary with over 30,000 members and 12,000 books published.

GMO SEO Technology launches affiliate advertising distribution system for smartphone platform, SMAAD by GMO (Android and iPhone apps supported).

GMO GlobalSign introduces unlimited server licensing as standard feature across entire SSL product range.

GMO Kumapon now providing daily discount offers in 47 prefectures throughout Japan.

GMO Registry selected to operate new Okinanawan gTLDs .okinawa and .ryukyu.

GMO Cloud launches GMO Cloud Public in Japan and the United States.

KDDI to Sell GlobalSign SSL in Singapore under new distribution agreement with GMO GlobalSign in Singapore.


GMO CLICK Securities adds three new CFD products; Hong Kong H Futures, England 100 Futures, and Germany 30 Futures.

GMO Payment Gateway services chosen by Kobe city to process credit card payments to waterworks bureau.

GlobalSign introduces coupon program for reseller partners.

GMO AD Partners and paperboy&co. introduce Graph hack Awards by GMO recognizing achievements leveraging a social graph.

At GMO CLICK Securities, CLICK365 transaction volume exceeds 3 million in the month of April and market share (of transactions) expands to 21.5%.

GMO AD Partners launches smartphone ad network, ADResult for Smartphone ,further expanding its ad network business.


paperboy&co. subsidizes tablet device purchases for all employees.

GMO GameCenter launches US version (beta) of Android game app market, G-Gee.

GMO NIKKO launches Facebook social marketing support service, GMO NIKKO Social Support Plan.

GMO Media aggregates media properties to launch a social game platform for over 10 million members.

GMO CLICK Securities achieves the industry’s highest growth in new accounts in the Click365 market during the month of March.

GMO CLOUD launches GMO Cloud Public and IQ Cloud.

GMO HOSTING & SECURITY changes its name to GMO CLOUD.


NIKKO changes its name to GMO NIKKO.

CLICK Securities changes its name to GMO CLICK Securities.


GMO VenturePartners unveils Japan’s first F-commerce venture fund.

GMO Payment Gateway payment processing services adopted by Osaka City for online income and tax certificate payments.

paperboy&co. ebook platform, Puboo publishes over 10,000 titles in eight months.

CLICK Securities launches online foreign bond trading service.

GMO Registry enters partnership with Hitachi to apply for and operate brand gTLD .hitachi.


CLICK Securities takes on foreign exchange trading business of subsidiary FOREX TRADE.

GMO Hosting & Security enters enterprise cloud market with the launch of GMO Cloud, a new comprehensive cloud solution that includes design, operation and monitoring.

CLICK Securities continues to grow new Click365 accounts. January 2011 marks its 2nd consecutive month retaining the highest share (58.2%) of new accounts in the industry.


GlobalSign launches JCANN business certification service.

Social Appli Payment Service, Inc. launches micro-payment service for smartphones.

CLICK Securities launches FX trading Android app, FXroid.

CLICK Securities continues to grow its share of new Click365 accounts. December 2010 marks the 5th consecutive month of growth and sees the company account for 52.4% of new accounts.



GREE to adopt technology component of GMO Android Initiative.


GMO Internet and partner, Acrodea launch beta version of Android game application market, G-Gee. begins accepting .so registrations from trademark holders with the opening of the new domain’s Sunrise phase.

GMO Internet launches daily-deals website Kumapon. launches premium domain service.


CLICK Securities becomes a GMO Internet subsidiary in stock purchase acquisition.

GMO Internet and Acrodea to launch Android? app development and distribution support initiative.


Capital and business alliance with Acrodea, Inc, aims to establish Android app market business.

July commences general registration of .co.

GMO Internet launches GMO Apps Cloud.


GMO Social App Initiative selects 27 titles to support from 550 entries.


GMO Social App Initiative selects 27 titles to support from 550 entries.


GMO Internet Group launches GMO Social Apps Initiative offering financing, development, technical, and skill sourcing support to engineers and creators of social applications and games.



ORICON customer satisfaction survey rates CLICK Securities as No. 1 in the category of “fees” and No. 2 overall.


GMO AdPartners absorbs subsidiary, Sanoh.

ColormeShop (paperboy&co.) and MakeShop (GMO Makeshop) stores to appear in Yahoo! Shopping product listings.

JWord registered sites to appear in Yahoo! Mobile search results.

GMO AD Partners acquires all shares in Internet advertising company NIKKO to leverage scale-merit and accelerate synergies.


GMO AD Partners and paperboy&co. open new media research and development entity, Sanoh Labs.

Kyoto City selects GMO Payment Gateway to process donations in 20-year fundraising campaign supporting major restoration of world heritage listed site.


GMO Payment Gateway subsidiary launches payment Processing system for Smartphones.


paperboy&co. ebook publishing platform Puboo recognized at Web Innovation awards WISH2010.

GMO MAKESHOP launches new social commerce service and partner website GiriGiri Market.

GMO Hosting & Security buys IT Next Holdings and its subsidiary Wadax.


GMO Hosting & Security brand SecureStar launches WebAlert monitoring service.

GMO Media launches Android Application for freeml.

RapidSite launches low-cost, high performance VPS series.

Sapporo City in Hokkaido chooses GMO Payment Gateway Public Sector Payment Processing service for water rates.

GMO Mobile buys “Sweet Magazine” business.

Japan Market Intelligence changes its name to GMO Japan Market Intelligence.


GMO MAKESHOP launches shopping mall builder service.

paperboy&co. launches one-stop eBook self-publishing service, Puboo.

@YMC launches new hosting and domain brand, DOMAIN KING.

NIKKO partners with GMO Creators Network to launch display ad design and distribution service.


GMO Registry to partner with Canon to apply for “.canon” domain.

GMO Payment Gateway, CONIT and Dentsu promote Smartphone Payment Processing business.


Nagasaki city chooses GMO Payment Gateway Public Sector Payment Processing service.

GMO AD Partners acquires all shares in behavioral targeting and content matching Ad Network company Sanoh, Inc.

GMO DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION launches “Mobasapu” content delivery service for mobile phones.

GMO Creators Network launches creative network for web creators and engineers.


GMO Payment Gateway buys eCASH business (credit card payment processing software sales and maintenance) from Data Application Company, Limited.

GMO SEO Technology launches community support SEO initiative.

GlobalSign launches Digital ID Certificate to sign and encrypt US FDA applications submitted electronically.

GMO TokuToku Point registers ten millionth member.

GMO Payment Gateway establishes new subsidiary, Social Appli Payment Service, Inc. to provide payment processing services to social application providers.

paperboy&co. launches BookLog iPhone application.

GlobalSign releases Code Signing Certificates for individual software developers.


GlobalSign to develop Oceania, India and South-East Asia markets with establishment of Singapore subsidiary.

iSLE launches IaaS service, TrueCLOUD.

Hit changes name to GMO NetShop Support, Inc.


GMO Hosting & Security launches new security brand, SecureStar.



GMO Internet releases first in a series of specialist industry reports.

October launches backorder service for general use .jp domains.

September launches large-capacity low-cost VPS hosting service. celebrates tenth anniversary.


GMO Registry Inc established to launch Japan’s first new gTLD registry business.

GMO Toku Toku BB ISP service launched. opens pre-order landrush registration for .cm domain.


GMO Internet Group restructures advertising agency business with the establishment of a holding company.


GMO Internet acquires stake in leading edge SEO technology company, Inovex.

GMO Internet launches Mobile Server, SaaS web hosting service.


Official ICANN domain registrar, offers early registration of the .tel domain.

Official ICANN domain registrar, reduces prices on 37 domains to offer the lowest registration fees in Japan.



GMO Payment Gateway partners with PayPal to introduce SaaS model PayPal service to 20,000 stores.

GMO Digital Distribution partners with TV Bank to offer online live video delivery service.

paperboy&co. releases 30 Days Album PRO, a photo-sharing service with unlimited storage space.

COMMUNICATION TELECOM becomes subsidiary of GMO Hosting & Security.


paperboy&co. domain registration service Muu Muu Domain reaches one million domain registrations.

GMO Media works with Matsuo Lab at Tokyo University to create a service from their GPS real-time information-sharing mobile system.

GMO MAKESHOP launches Shoptweet, a Twitter tool for MakeShop online stores.


GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand iSLE launches Disaster Recovery service.

paperboy&co. takes on book review community BookLog and announces site revamp.

GMO AD Partners launches domestic/global ad network, ADResult.

GMO Internet Group launches online shop marketing feature using iMenu® Shopping.


Japan Market Intelligence launches new service with CRESCO-ID-SYSTEMS Technology.

GlobalSign enters capital partnership with Vietnam’s only Public Certificate Authority for government, V-SIGN.

GlobalSign launches public root certificate service enabling private certificate authorities to inherit trust from GlobalSign.


GMO Internet Group celebrates reaching one million active domain registrations.

Shiga prefecture adopts GMO-PG service to accept “furusato nouzei” donations by credit card.

GMO DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION launches DigiCon Cart ASP service for non-DRM content sales.

GMO-PG credit card payment processing adopted by e-shiharai, a university entrance exam fee payment service.

GlobalSign enters partnership with Vietnam's only government licensed public certificate authority.

GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand, iSLE partners with BRAIN WAVE to launch managed application service.


JWord premium keywords begin appearing in Yahoo! JAPAN search results.

GMO Payment Gateway launches international payment processing service in partnership with leading Chinese online payment processing service provider AliBaba Group.

GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand iSLE releases Data Salvage Service.


GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand iSLE launches Saas/Cloud Incubation Program.

GMO MAKESHOP awarded Privacy Mark accreditation.

paperboy&co. Online shopping mall, Calamel Launches affiliate program, Calamel Affiliate.

GlobalSign launches Managed PKI Lite service.

GMO SolutionPartner launches Entry Form Optimization service for improved web site performance.

GMO MAKESHOP introduces new function enabling centralized management of stock across multiple stores.


GMO Solution Partner launches affiliate program manager Oneder Affiliate.

GlobalSign partners with SafeNet Japan to launch server-based PDF document signing solutions.

paperboy&co. launches ASP website builder for restaurants.

GMO Hosting && Security launches mobile site construction and operation solutions.


Kyoto prefecture adopts GMO Payment Gateway service to accept Furusato Nouzei tax payments by credit card.

SEIKO Precision and GlobalSign form Digital Signature and Time Stamp tie-up.

GMO Research announces release of industry-first integrated online research panel search system.

GMO Payment Gateway launches payment processing service for supermarkets.

paperboy&co. introduces GMO Toku Toku Point to Calamel Shopping Mall.

GMO Solution Partner launches conversion V ASP LPO Service.


GMO Creators Network launches an image and copy production service for e-commerce businesses.

GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand, iSLE launches Dedicated Server Exchange Service offering improved business productivity.

MakeShop online store construction and management service surpasses 15,000 store milestone.

GMO Payment Gateway becomes PCI SSC participating organization.

GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand, iSLE launches Mail Server Management Service offering a major reduction in mail server operation costs.

paperboy&co. introduces free mini-SNS construction tool for users of Lolipop Rental Server and Color Me Shop! pro services.

Yaplog! blog service by GMO Media receives community site safety certification.


MakeShop launches Omakase Shop for low-cost online store design.

GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand, iSLE launches Image Back-up Service offering a major reduction in data recovery time.

GlobalSign OneClick SSL made available on corporate hosting solution SixCore in a partnership between GlobalSign and SixCore provider, Bet.

GMO Solution Partner launches ASP service Stock Manager for managing multiple online stores.

GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand, iSLE launches hosting solution with website design and maintenance services.

Fukuoka City decides to adopt GMO Payment Gateway credit card payment processing services.


GMO MAKESHOP launches official release of Reservation Shop.

GMO Hosting & Security launches Windows Mobile hosting service BizMobile Exchange Pack in partnership with MOVIDA SOLUTIONS.

Major expansion in product registrations for MakeShop, the net shop construction and management service by GMO MAKESHOP. Registration of up to 10,000 products now possible, a 20-fold increase!

Launch of VPS service collaboration between FC2 and WEBKEEPERS? by HOSTING & SECURITY.

Japan Market Intelligence becomes a GMO Internet Group company following the GMO Research acquisition of JMI stock.



GMO Internet domain service, introduces .ac, .gs and .ms domain names taking total line up to over 30 domains.


GMO Internet acquires web site brokerage business and launches the service, Site M&A.

GMO Internet establishes Web Promotion Research Office.

GMO Internet domain service, adds .cz, .mu and .vg to domain line up.


GMO Internet domain service adds Japanese character .tv and .cc domains to domain line up.

Three GMO Internet infrastructure services integrated under common ID.

GMO Internet and IOIX launch Mobile SEO+ for optimization of mobile sites.


GMO Internet divests corporate sales division to GMO Solution Partner.

NIKKO becomes consolidated subsidiary in capital partnership.


Retained loss resulting from finance business withdrawal is eliminated through the reduction of capital and capital reserve.

GMO Internet Group announces it will provide free mobile websites to 560,000 corporate customers.


GMO Internet launches world first SSL server certificate issue service delivered by domain registrar/ certificate authority partnership.



GlobalSign promotes transition to 2048 bit EV SSL and achieves full compliance with 2010 EV SSL Guideline Standards.

paperboy&co. is listed on JASDAQ.

GlobalSign receives third consecutive Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific award.

Japanese industrial town, Amagasaki City chooses GMO Payment Gateway public sector credit card payment processing service.

GMO MAKESHOP launches Reservation Shop, a new service allowing hotels, restaurants and other service industry businesses to accept online reservations.


GlobalSign launches new authentication services in partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN.


JWord becomes first in the industry to offer paid listing ads including Japanese character domains.

iSLE increases server availability guarantee for iCLUSTA to 100%.

GMO DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION launches 2 new ASP services for sale of digital content on mobile devices.

paperboy&co. receives Japan Technology Fast 50 award.

GlobalSign receives third consecutive Japan Technology Fast 50 award.


GlobalSign becomes only Certificate Authority in Japan to offer code signing certificates for AdobeR AIRR.

paperboy&co. launches Osaipo! Deposit service for over 430,000 users to manage payment of multiple service fees.

GMO Payment Gateway promoted from MOTHERS Market to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

GMO Payment Gateway launches PG Multi Payment SaaS service.


GlobalSign launches digital certificate for distribution business messaging.

MakeShop changes company name to GMO MAKESHOP.


GMO Mobile launches free mobile news and entertainment site.

GlobalSign becomes first Certificate Authority to issue EV SSL Certificates to Korea.

JWord launches area specific keyword service.

JWord launches JWord Mobile.

MagClick company name is changed to GMO AD Partners.


Osaka City adopts GMO Payment Gateway credit card payment processing services for processing of “Furusato Nouzei” local tax payments.

GMO Hosting & Security joins The Green Grid and strengthens its “green IT” commitment.

Tea Cup Communication changes company name to GMO Tea Cup Communication.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government adopts GMO Payment Gateway services for processing online GREEN TOKYO FUND donations.

GMO Solution Partner launches first affiliate service to return 100% of click earnings to affiliate.

GMO Payment Gateway Public Sector Credit Card Payment Processing Service to process Social Insurance Agency, National Pension Insurance credit card payments.


paperboy&co. launches free life log service, Logpi.

GMO System Consulting establishes new digital content distribution and sales solutions subsidiary, GMO DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION.

paperboy&co. launches private online photo sharing service, 30days Album.

GlobalSign introduces the world's first ‘One-click SSL’ certificates in partnership with US hosting industry leader Verio.


Over 3,500 writers registered with studio woofoo, Japan's leading editing service.


GMO Games releases new online game title for Japan - Kinos World - Pajama no Kishi.

Magclick joins in business and capital partnership with cyber communications.

GlobalSign launches in China.

GlobalSign first to offer multi year code signing certificates to Japan.

GlobalSign launches world's first fully automated SSL server certificate installation service.


GMO Payment Gateway introduces new credit card payment service to gas stations in Japan.

GlobalSign offers world's first SSL certificate issued without CSR on application.



GMO Internet forms capital and business partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN.


GMO Internet Board of Directors resolves to withdraw from the Internet finance business.


GMO Internet and IOIX establish GMO Marketing to build long tail media.


The GMO Internet investor relations web site is one of 296 to receive a web site award from Daiwa Securities Group for the third consecutive year.


GMO Internet establishes new e-commerce company, GMO Solution Partner in a joint investment with Sagawa Express.


United Capital is established in a joint venture with Lehman Brothers Japan.



Alpha version opens of GMO Media photo sharing and photo wallpaper creation site Shashinbu.

GlobalSign enters comprehensive partnership with one of the world’s largest hosting services, Verio.

GlobalSign receives a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific award. This is the sixth time the awards have been held and the second consecutive award for GlobalSign.


Over 300 companies registered with the GMO Marketing “long-tail media” Anata no Machi Series.

Credit card payment services company, GMO Payment Gateway helps to launch the Public Sector Payment Services Consortium.

GlobalSign receives a 2007 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Japan Technology Fast50 Award for the second consecutive year.

Magclick subsidiary, GMO Mobile set to jointly operate sugu.CC with service developer Unoh

GlobalSign launches sales of high reliability EV SSL server certificates with rigid verification process.


GMO Media launches a photo analysis service that determines compatibility in love and friendship!

Magclick joins in capital and business partnership with the company more communication to strengthen and expand its mobile advertising business.


JWord launches new PocketPet, a service that gathers information including definitions, images, moving images, and other information related to a keyword on a single easy to read page.

GlobalSign launches sales in North America, the largest digital certificate services market in the world.


GlobalSign brand launched in the Japanese market.


Tea Cup Communication opens SecondLife resort island, JapanResort marking the entry of the company into the SecondLife market.

GMO Internet Group has registered over one million domains.


GeoTrust Japan becomes GlobalSign K.K.

Digital certificate services brand GlobalSign is launched in Japan. GlobalSign enters the global marketplace.

paperboy&co. web hosting server Lolipop! now has over half a million users.

Over 5,000 MakeShop net shops on the web.


The GMO Hosting & Security and Magclick investor relations sites are two of the 296 to receive excellence awards from the Daiwa Securities Group.

GMO Hosting & Security to develop mobile telework business for small and medium business in partnership with Hitachi Business Solution.

The number of JWord plug-in users exceeds 40 million. JWord installed on over half of all computers in Japan.


Magclick enters mobile media market.

GMO Payment Gateway announces first credit card payment processing service in Japan for paying taxes. Fujisawa city in Kanagawa prefecture to accept light-vehicle tax payments by credit card beginning May 2007.

GMO Payment Gateway launches credit card payment service for government agencies. Contract with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks confirmed.

GMO VenturePartners and paperboy&co. establish SecondLife Fund project.


GMO NetCard establishes GMO LOAN-CREDIT HOLDINGS through stock transfer.



Capital increased to JPY7.14 billion in private placement of new stock.


NewsGator Enterprise, business RSS reader is launched in Japan.


GMO Internet Group enters business partnership with Overture K.K. to expand media operations and leverage its media power to expand online advertising sales.

GMO Research and GMO Research Institute merge in a consolidation of group research services.


The GMO Internet Investor Relations web site is one of 255 to receive a recommendation from Daiwa Investor Relations in the 2006 fiscal year.

- GMO Internet offers an extension program called “Conditions for Venture Company Success” at the Waseda University Global Information and Telecommunication Institute.

Level 1 American Depositary Receipt Program established making it easy for US investors to purchase GMO Internet stock.


GMO Internet added to the Nikkei 500 Stock Average.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and access analytics package GMO SEO+ is launched in partnership with IOIX.


Purchase acquisition of GMO Communications, Telecom Online and Solis.



GMO Payment Gateway enters business partnership with Sony Finance International to increase availability of non-contact IC card payment in online stores through the credit card payment processing service, eLIO.

JWord launches new the CM Word service for TV commercial-related searches.


GMO Hosting & Security, Mighty Server, and GeoTrust JAPAN obtain the international Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certifications, ISO/IEC27001:2005 and JIS Q 27001:2006.

MakeShop enters business partnership with eBank Corporation. e-MakeShop is launched, a net shop construction and management service with e-bank payment processing facilities.


GMO Hosting & Security opens a storefront studio for web site construction and hosting in a business partnership with Mufonet.

paperboy&co. launches simple new online bookmark service, POOKMARK Airlines.


GMO NetCard acquires Just and the 12 other companies.


Tea Cup Communication commences a service offering free e-mail addresses for mobile phones.

JWord launches a click-fundraising initiative for Peace Winds Japan.


The GMO Hosting & Security service RapidSite wins the 2005 Movable Type Best Hosting Partner Award.

GMO Internet Securities introduces a service allowing customers to trade and receive stock information via their mobile phones.

Tea Cup Communication service, AutoPage achieves a membership of 200,000 and one hundred million page views in a month.


GMO Internet Securities launches online securities trading service.

GMO Payment Gateway receives Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certification, recognizing global standards in information security management.


The GMO Hosting & Security Investor Relations web site is one of 255 to receive an excellence award from Daiwa Investor Relations in the 2006 fiscal year.

paperboy&co. launches the Chikappa! Rental Server, web hosting service.

paperboy&co. launches Calamel online shopping mall services based on the Web 2.0 concept.

GMO NETCLUE Japan and GMO Intertainment merge to integrate the group’s online game businesses. GMO Games is the result of the merger.


GMO Payment Gateway enters into an agreement with Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) to operate a recurring credit card payment system for the collection of NHK license fees.

GMO Internet and Orient Credit form a financial and strategic alliance with eBANK Corporation to strengthen relationships in the Internet Finance business.

GMO Media adds functions to the Japan's largest mailing list service FreeML, and makes a new start as Minnano Happy Community! Freeml.

paperboy&co. launches Grouptube, an ASP service for building and operating original social networking services.


JWord enters ties up with INTERNET Number Corporation to launch JWord Regular Number TELLINK, a service that makes it possible to access a company’s website by entering its phone number in place of the URL.


JWord plug-in is installed by over 30 million users on approximately half of all computers in Japan.



GMO Internet Securities is established.

GMO Internet CEO & Representative Director, Masatoshi Kumagai talks with Professor Seiichiro Yonekura of Hitotsubashi University Innovation Research Center at The Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Fair 2005.


Orient Credit becomes a subsidiary following stock acquisition. The group enters the consumer finance market.

GMO VenturePartners investment business is established.


Solis becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary following stock swap.

Capital partnership established with online store construction service, MakeShop.


SightSpeed, the online video phone service developed by SightSpeed is launched in Japan.

The book “Jouhou Seirijutsu Kumagai Shiki” (Information Organizing Techniques.

The Kumagai Method) by GMO Internet CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai, is published through Kanki Publishing.


The company is promoted to the prestigious first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and changes its name to GMO Internet.


Affiliate business, GMO Affiliate is established in partnership with ValueCommerce.

The book Nijudai de Hajimeru “Yume Sekkeizu”: Kanarazu Speed Seiko Suru Itsutsu no Gensoku (Start; Dream Planning’ in Your Twenties: Five Keys to Certain, Rapid Success) by CEO‚ Masatoshi Kumagai is published by Daiwashobo.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at regional event promoting entrepreneurship.


Purchase acquisition of CCS Holdings, I’s Factory and 3721 Soft.



GMO Hosting & Security is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.

Geo Trust Japan launches a document authentication service compatible with Adobe Reader.

GMO Communications launches the Denwaban website for phone subscription consulting services.


Orient Credit launches new personal finance service, GMO NetCard.

paperboy&co. implements the paperboy&co. Laboratory for technology and service R&D.

GMO VenturePartners resolves to make its first blog business fund investment in Jetrun Technology Corporation.

GMO Intertainment starts up new business publishing the online computer game, Deco Online.

paperboy&co. launches the heteml hosting service for content creators.


GMO VenturePartners establishes the Blog Business Fund.

JWord starts listing JWord registration details on newspaper website,

GMO Payment Gateway participates in the Parking Space ETC Social Experiment, a social experiment using ETC parking spaces in the three major urban areas of Japan.


In an agreement with Burning Door Syndication Services, GMO Affiliate acquires exclusive selling rights to RSS/Atom feed distribution management system, FeedBurner.

JWord and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department launch initiative to improve security on the Internet.

JWord and GMO Internet enter partnership with Dentsu Group company, Action Click to launch the newly developed advertising analytics service JWord Action Count.

Tea Cup Communication launches HP Tsukurobo, a free web construction tool for mobile phones.

GMO Hosting and Technologies changes its name to GMO Hosting and Security.


Magclick launches a new WEB Marketing Solutions service.

JWord releases a new version of J Talk, BBS that works in combination with keyword searches.

Grandsphere launches Digital Contents King, an ASP service for digital content download sales.


GMO Payment Gateway in partnership with TOKYO GAS launches a credit card payment processing service for TOKYO GAS mobile payment terminals.


GMO Media and Solutions is restructured with a focus on research and changes its name to GMO Research.

The media and e-commerce divisions of GMO Mobile and Desktop and GMO Media Solutions are consolidated in new company, GMO Media.


ACCESSPORT changes its name to JWord.

GMO Payment Gateway is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.


GMO Hosting and Technologies is merged with to strengthen hosting operations. GMO Hosting and Technologies is the surviving company.

GMO Card Commerce Services changes its name to GMO Payment Gateway.


San Planning changes its name to GMO San Planning.

GMO Hosting and Technologies establishes business and capital partnership with @YMC Corporation.



CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at the Fifth Consortium/Guest Speaker's Lecture at Hitotsubashi University.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at Takahisa Iwamoto's Mastermind Marketing Seminar.


"Zukai, Issatsu no Techo de Yume wa Kanarazu Kanau" (Achieve your dreams without fail using one schedule book) by CEO Masatoshi Kumagai is published by Kanki Publishing.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai, takes part in the New Industry Leaders Summit 2004 organized by CNET Networks Japan K.K.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai, speaks at the Rikkyo Graduate School of Business.


3721 Soft and ACCESSPORT become wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Joint development of personal organizer with leading personal organizer brand, Bindex. This is the organizer presented by CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai in the book “Issatsu no techou de kanarazu yume wa kanau”(Achieve your dreams without fail using one schedule book). Advance orders accepted for Yumetecho Kumagai Style.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai lectures at Waseda and Meiji Universities.

Digital communications content company, GMO Intertainment is established.


Board of Directors agrees to acquire stake in eBank corporation through private placement.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai delivers a speech at the 32nd Ark Toshi Juku graduation ceremony., a comprehensive information search service based on JWord is launched in partnership with ACCESSPORT.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at Nikkei Seminar.

Forval, operator of Saru Saru Nikki, is converted to a wholly-owned subsidiary in stock swap.

Agreement reached to acquire Internet services division spun off from Zero.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at a forum celebrating the establishment of the NPO Dokuritsu School.

Telecom Online is established.

3721 Soft stock is acquired and it is resolved to strengthen ties with ACCESSPORT.

Tea Cup Communication joins the GMO Internet Group following a stock swap.

Power Formation becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary and San Planning joins the GMO Internet Group.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at Ryozanpaku, a gathering of volunteers.

GMO Internet enters the online games market with an agreement to acquire the popular Korean game CORUM Online and develop a Japanese language version.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at Waseda University.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at the 6th Kigyoka Award commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Kigyoka Network and receives the Net Infrastructure Building Award.


The book “Issatsu no Techo de Yume wa Kanarazu Kanau”, by CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai is published by Kanki Publishing (Achieve your dreams without fail using one schedule book).

paperboy&co. joins the group.

The company resolves to obtain operating rights for net marketing company, Grandsphere.

Partnership formed with Cybozu to introduce the Cybozu Office 6 groupware for the group’s web hosting services.


Promoted to the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Domain registration service, opens the Website University.



ACCESSPORT enters business partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN.

Magclick and GMO Hosting and Technologies recognized in the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 3rd Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500.


Management integration of Card Commerce Services and Payment One to enhance online credit card payment processing services.


WebKeepers and SWsoft enter into alliance to launch low-priced VPS Service.


Magclick and GMO Hosting and Technologies recognized in the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 2nd Japan Technology Fast 50.

Tea Cup Communication launches new service, “ on teacup.” in cooperation with, the world's largest online dating service., the Contents Inc. lifestyle and information site for women is taken over by GMO Media and Solutions.

infoQ Internet survey research service is launched in a partnership between GMO Media and Solutions and Nomura Research Institute.


Google and GMO Hosting and Technologies give away free digital coupons for AdWords advertising.


INTERNET Number Corporation establishes an incorporated local subsidiary in Beijing China to launch the number service in the Chinese cell phone market.


INTERNET Number Corporation and D2 Communications agree to collaborate on the standardization of access solution numbers.



CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai, speaks at Chinese Henan Founders' Corporate Conference (organized by the Chinese Communist Party Young Men's Joint Association)


Selected to join the J-Stock Index on the JASDAQ market.


INTERNET Number Corporation joins the group through capital participation.

Nominated by US business publication, Forbes Global in the “Best under a Billion, Forbes Global 200 Best Small Companies for 2003”


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at the Second Association of Regional Banks.

Receives Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Japanese Technology Fast 50 award (growth ranking of the technology industry).


The group begins selling software licenses to SMEs in tie-up with License Online.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai writes a column on profiting from the Internet for the Fuji Evening News.

GMO Media and Solutions wins an exclusive contract with Madeforchina and launches an Internet marketing research service for the Chinese consumer market.


GeoTrust JAPAN is established by GMO Hosting and Technologies in partnership with GeoTrust, the US company with the second largest global market share in the server certificate (SSL authentication) industry.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at the CXO, Ltd, CXO Training Course.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai speaks at Japan Kigyoka Network event.


Launch of customizable provider service BB Plus.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai gives a lecture at the National Entrepreneurs Seminar organized by the Japan Management Consultants Association.



GMO Media and Solutions accepts financing from the Dentsu.Com fund.


GMO Media and Solutions takes control of media content and e-commerce businesses operated by GMO Magazines.


GMO Media and Solutions wins an exclusive contract with Madeforchina and launches an Internet marketing research service for the Chinese consumer market.


GeoTrust JAPAN is established by GMO Hosting and Technologies in partnership with GeoTrust, the US company with the second largest global market share in the server certificate (SSL authentication) industry.


iSLE changes its name to GMO Hosting and Technologies.


GMO Media and Solutions becomes one of the largest mail media businesses in Japan following the transfer of two opt-in mail services from GMO Communications.


GMO Media and Solutions opens the online store Apure Shop,in partnership with Mitsui & Co.


Daiichi Tsushin changes its name to GMO Communications.



Domain registrations by exceed 300,000. launches JWord, a Japanese language search tool.


40.62% share of credit card payment processing provider, Payment One acquired in a private placement. Payment One joins the group.


Contract secured to operate DESKWING, a web hosting business by the company Crayfish.


Subsidiaries iSLE and RapidSite are merged to further strengthen GMO group web hosting operations. iSLE is the surviving company.


Focus on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology through investment in Skyley Network and establishment of GMO Research Institute.

February opens pre-registration for the world’s first personal domain, .name.

Daiichi Tsushin becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary following stock swap.


Omakase Web corporate web production service is established in partnership with CREEK & RIVER.

interQ ORIGINAL non-member Internet provider service for individuals is discontinued.



GMO Media and Solutions launches online shopping site in partnership with the company, Promotion.

GMO Media and Solutions launches research business GMO Research in partnership with Access Media International.


GMO Magazines launches Apure mail and web fashion magazine aimed at women.


GMO Magazines is established and the group enters the e-commerce and media content provider markets.


GMO Media and Solutions and GALA agree on the transfer of the GALA INFO@MAIL opt-in mail service.


FreeML, Mailin, and MagPromotion merge to become GMO Media and Solutions.



Daiichi Tsushin is acquired.


Capital increased to JPY3.31 billion following stock swap with becomes wholly-owned subsidiary.

Sales office opened in Nagoya.


Mailin becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary following stock swap. MagPromotion and also become wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Launch of BBonline a low-cost Internet provider service with e-Access.

i-Mobile Server is launched in collaboration with Dream Arts. This high speed dedicated server service with feature-rich groupware is fully compatible with i-appli/i-mode.

Capital increased to JPY3.29 billion following stock swap with Mailin.


Launch of BroadServer, a comprehensive support service for the Internet environment using sophisticated, high speed servers.

Sales launch of the Xteam, Microsoft SharePoint ? Team Services hosting service in a partnership between our hosting division and Microsoft K.K.

Osaka sales branch is opened.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai becomes founding member of the Japanese Domain Names Association (JDNA).

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai gives a lecture on "management philosophy" to students of the Hitotsubashi University MBA course.


interQ MEMBERS launches ADSL service.

Domain registration service, exceeds 80,000 Japanese language domain registrations.

Opt-in mail membership reaches over one million.

With over 50,000 contracts we become Japan’s largest hosting service provider.


Capital increased to JPY3.22 billion following stock swap with iSLE.

Domain registration service, exceeds 200,000 domain registrations.

GMO Internet acquires the two web hosting companies iSLE and RapidSite.

Hosting service feature-set boosted in tie-up with estore and Streaming Media Communications.


Company name is changed to Global Media Online.

Company becomes the second largest stockholder of CyberAgent following stock acquisition.

GMO Silicon Valley Express is launched to provide the latest news from Silicon Valley to the IT community in Japan.


Desktop wallpaper portal site management company, is established.

Decision is made to offer Hypersystem (Internet advertising system) licensing and software free-of-charge to Internet providers.



FreeML membership exceeds 5 million.


Membership registrations for exceed 4 million.


Magclick merges with wholly owned subsidiary Tiara Online.

Magpromotion information service, becomes subsidiary of Magclick.

Magclick begins distributing advertising to Weekly Mini Mag.


Consolidated subsidiary Magclick agrees to a business collaboration and merger with Tiara Online.

Launches an advertisement distribution service for Tiara Online, the women's online magazine store.


Consolidated subsidiary, Magclick agrees to a tie-up with Nifty Corporation and starts up an advertisement distribution service for mail magazines listed in the “ Macky!” mail magazine browsing stand.


December domain registration service exceeds 100,000 registrations.

Japan Internet Providers Association is inorporated with CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai as vice chairman.

Capital increased to JPY 3.2 billion in new share issue.


Consolidated subsidiary, Patent Incubation Capital launches new business providing consultation in domain dispute settlements.


Afilias is established as a worldwide consortium of 19 major domain registration companies.


New domain registration and web hosting company, established in partnership with Microsoft.


Opt-in e-mail service company, Mail-in is established in partnership with the companies Cyber Agent and On The Edge.


Three billion yen raised in a global offering. Capital is now JPY3.19 billion yen.


Patent Incubation Capital is established to acquire foreign Internet related patent rights and license them to venture companies in Japan.

interQ Marugoto Server, a low-priced, high-quality data center service is launched in a tie-up with Cobalt Networks.


Nikkei Venture (Nikkei BP) 1999 Venture of the Year ? 2nd Place. is established in partnership with NETAGE to operate mailing list service and ad distribution.



Consolidated subsidiary, Magclick establishes Mag4ce in collaboration with Kanematsu Computer System (Controlling share: 45%)


Three hundred and sixty four days after incorporation, consolidated subsidiary Magclick becomes the fastest company to list on NASDAQ Japan in the stock market’s history.



Click Mail is established to distribute advertising to personal e-mails.

As a founding member CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai becomes vice-chairman of the Japan Internet Providers Association.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai is appointed to the "Study Group for Policies for the Next-Generation Internet" by the Japanese Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai purchases all patents and patent applications relating to "hyper system" an Internet advertising display sign system developed by the former Hyper Net K.K. The founder of the former company, Mr. Yuichiro Itakura is invited to become an advisor.

Awarded 5th place in the Nikkei IPO 1999 Market Choice Awards.


CEO, Masatoshi Kumagai becomes an inaugural member of NASDAQ Japan.


Launch of domain registration services.

Magclick is established.


Three years and eight months after being established we become the first independent net venture and the first Internet service provider to list on the stock exchange in Japan.

Capital is increased to JPY1.74 billion.


Selected by ICANN to become the sole commercial domain registrar in Japan and the Asian region.

Capital is increased to JPY250 million.


interQ TRAFFIC launch. The first service of its kind in Japan for business customers.



Consolidated subsidiary, Magclick increases capital to 435 million yen in private placement.


1998 - February

Launch of DA RE DE MO Internet in partnership with IDO Corporation.

1997 - November

interQ OFFICE launch. A comprehensive Internet service for business.

1997 - October

interQ MEMBERS launch. A membership based Internet access service for individual users.

1997 - September

Capital is increased to JPY180 million.

1996 - December

Capital is increased to JPY120 million.

1995 - December

interQ ORIGINAL launch. The world’s first Internet access service that doesn’t require a contract.

1995 - November

The Internet is rapidly expanding and the company changes its name to interQ, shifting its focus to the provision of Internet and service infrastructure.

1991 - May

Multi-media company, Voice Media is established.


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