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September 29, 2011
Press Release
                                                                                                                            paperboy&co. Inc. 

paperboy&co. Announces Official Release of Popular Social Interview Website “The Interviews”
“The Interviews” attracts 200,000 members and 100 million page views in first two months of operation.

Tokyo – September 29, 2011 – GMO Internet Group company, paperboy&co. today announces the official release of The Interviews, a new social interview website that allows users to anonymously ask and answer each other’s questions.  
The Interviews is a project that first emerged from the paperboy&co. creative boot camp held over the last weekend of July this year. Since the service opened two months ago it has attracted over 200,000 members and received more than 100 million page views. Today it has 220,000 users. (9/29/2011)
Up until now The Interviews has been run by paperboy&co. staff on a volunteer basis, but as of today the growing social interview website becomes an official paperboy&co. service enabling the company to further develop the service going forward.   

The Interviews: Where users both ask and answer the questions
Users can take on the role of interviewer and send questions to other members through the Interview function. They can also answer questions received themselves, posting them to a personal interview page in a format that resembles a magazine interview feature article (Post function). The most exciting feature of the new social interviews service is that all questions are asked anonymously, enabling users to send their friends and family questions they never before dared to ask. (Membership registration required)
In just two months since the service was first rolled out over 1.9 million questions have been asked, and over 1.5 million responses have been posted. Response rate is already at over 80%.

Personal interview page created by multiple users
Users are free to decide whether or not to answer each question they receive, and personal interview pages list the questions that are answered in an interview feature format. Images and wallpaper for display on these pages can also be gifted between users. The end result is a personal interview page that has been created through the work of multiple contributors.
Interview features are created simply by receiving and answering questions, and users can further personalize their pages using images and wallpaper to make it look a real magazine article feature. Users can post images received from other members or use their own.
A new way to communicate
Paperboy&co. will continue to help foster a new form of online communication by enriching the service with new functionality. New features already planned include advanced search options to enable searches by keyword for questions or users, as well as the ability to ask follow up questions and create lists of interviews. 

Service Features
(Twitter/Facebook IDs can be used to log in)
Main Functions
*Respond to, edit, delete interviews
*Post questions to other users
*Send header images, background images to other users
*Browse interviews
*Create list of favorite users
*Post comments
*Page design settings
*Profile settings
and more!

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