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October 8, 2009
Press Release
GMO AD Partners, Inc.
GMO AD Partners Officially Releases Domestic/Global Ad Network, ADResult
Tokyo – October 8, 2009 -- GMO Internet Group media sales company, GMO AD Partners, today officially launches ADResult, the company’s own ad network encompassing an extensive international network and domestic media.
*1 Ad network: A network of media web site partners formed by a company for the purpose of distributing advertising. Allows advertisers to publish advertisements widely without having to deal directly with each media web site. Also allows targeted advertising for more effective distribution.
ADResult is an ad network service encompassing domestic and global media and providing advertisers with an effective and efficient form of advertising. The service offers a simple and effective method of advertising distribution for advertisers whose needs have not been met by domestic services or who want to reach domestic users accessing foreign media. We began trialing the network in February this year and after received a positive response from advertisers we now launch the official release. 
At the same time we are leveraging the experience and proven track record of GMO AD Partners, a media rep business that handles over 1,000 media web sites, to actively invite media web sites to join ADResult. The low-risk, low, low-cost opportunity for advertisers to try publishing ads on small scale domestic media and specialized web sites.
ADResult Expected Reach (UU*2) and No. of Impressions*3
 UU: over 170 million UU/ month No. of Impressions: Over 50 billion impressions / month
*Calculation based on trials of ADResult and media documents (maximum probable figure)
*2 UU: (Unique Users): The number of users that visit a site within a fixed period of time (not counting multiple visits by a single user).
*3 No. of Impressions: The number of times an advertisement is displayed.
ADResult Features
1. Global Ad Network Partnerships: Advertising distributed across multiple countries and regions
We have partnered with leading global ad networks FOX NETWORKS*4 and Xtend G.M Global Media Ltd.*5 to compliment our network of quality domestic sites making it possible to reach domestic users on international sites.
2. Distribution System with Automatic Optimization for Effective Advertising
3. Detailed plan and quotation designed to meet advertisers’ needs
*4 FOX NETWORKS: The online division of FOX International Channels in the News Corporation group.
*5 Xtend G.M Global Media Ltd: A leading global ad network with 1.1 billion imp / 70 million UU per month.
*6 CPM(Cost Per Mille):Cost per 1,000 impressions
*7 CPC(Cost Per Click):Cost Per Click
*8 Retargeting distribution: A method of advertising distribution that aims to encourage users who have previously visited a site to return.
Going forward GMO AD Partner will continue to provide attractive Internet marketing services and through ADResult and other services construct an effective and efficient ad network of quality domestic and international media.
Media Inquiries
GMO AD Partners, Inc.
GMO Internet
GMO AD Partners Inc.
Company Name
GMO AD Partners, Inc.    
(OSE Hercules: 4784)
1-10-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Shintaro Takahashi
Business Description
-Internet Advertising
1.3 billion yen
GMO Internet Inc.
Company Name
GMO Internet Inc.
(TSE First Section Code: 9449)
Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description
- Web Infrastructure & Ecommerce
-Internet Media
1.27 billion yen

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