July 27, 2018

GMO Internet’s “CryptoChips byGMO,” which enables distribution of Bitcoin as remuneration, will be mounted on Whimsical War on Monday, August 6! A tournament, where players will compete for the prize (JPY 3 million worth of Bitcoin), will be held on Saturday, September 29

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Tokyo, Japan - July 27, 2018 - GMO Internet (https://www.gmo.jp/en/ ) has developed “CryptoChips byGMO” that enables distribution of cryptocurrency(*1) as remuneration within the game application. As the first initiative, CryptoChips will be mounted on the real-time battle game “Whimsical War,” and we will launch the "CryptoChips Season" that distributes Bitcoin in accordance with player rankings on August 6, 2018.
On Saturday, September 29, we will hold an official tournament "WHIMSICAL WAR JINTORI CHAMPIONSHIP 2018" in Roppongi, Tokyo, where players will compete for the prize (JPY 3 million worth of Bitcoin).

*1 CryptoChips byGMO will initially support Bitcoin.


CryptoChips can be mounted on the game application and allows players to receive cryptocurrency as remuneration within the game depending on the players’ rankings or when players have achieved missions or acquired items. The players must have their own wallets (cryptocurrency accounts) to receive the remuneration (cryptocurrencies)(*2).

*2 As for the management and distribution of cryptocurrency, we employ a multi-signature - a service that distributes and saves multiple private keys to access cryptocurrency - developed by the GMO System Consulting, Inc. We keep one of the private keys managing a multi-signature address and verify the user’s or key person’s signature to realize a proper transfer of cryptocurrencies.


“Whimsical War,” the first game application with CryptoChips
Achieve a high ranking and receive Bitcoin: "CryptoChips Season"