GMO Family Smile Day 2015

A family event, "GMO Family Smile Day," was held with the theme "Smiles for families!" and with the purpose of creating smiles on the faces of the Group members' families, who always support the members, and helping the families better understand the members' workplace.
The second event in its series was held on Thursday, August 6, 2015.

  • The entrance to the Cerulean Tower

  • Project members welcoming visitors

  • The Kumapon family greeting visitors on the eleventh floor

  • The reception desk decorated for the Family Smile Day

  • Pepper welcoming visitors

  • Pepper looking straight into the camera's lens

1.Office Visit

After enjoying GMO Internet Group promotional video, the families were taken to the corresponding companies in their respective buildings. The participating Group partners themselves showed their workplace to their families.

  • The designated meeting place for the office visit

  • After listening to a brief explanation by one of the project members of the GMO Family Smile Day, the visitors watched the video about the Group.

  • The project member serving as a guide took the visitors to the offices of the respective companies nearby.

2.Stamp-collecting rally

Go find the Kumapon seals placed in various locations on the eleventh floor! A stamp-collecting rally was held, in which the participants got attractive prizes by either holding the smartwatch close to Kumapon or collecting stamps.

  • Stamping on the rally sheet

  • Kumapon with a transmitter on its tummy

  • Put the transmitter close to the smartwatch, and …

  • … see the message "Stamp obtained" appear on the smartwatch display.

  • When all the stamps are obtained …

  • … an attractive prize is presented.

3.IoT workshop

Visitors experienced the latest technology through a variety of experiences, including electronic circuit building, offered by AgIC and Techno-Shugei Club, floor piano playing, drone flying, and so on.

  • Experiencing techno-shugei crafting

  • Experiencing floor piano playing

  • Experiencing drone flying

4.Experiences section

Here, visitors enjoy the services offered by the respective companies.
[minne] Make original handmade goods!
[GirlsCamera] Take a purikura picture with your smartphone!
[Choco Bat application] Play with Home Run Competition application!
[G-gee and Gamepot] Experience the game and its live broadcasting!

  • Visitors can make original handmade goods, such as photo frames, resin hairpins, and so on.

  • Take a photo with a smartphone, decorate it, and print it on the sticker sheet.

  • Hit a home run with the Choco Bat application!

  • Live broadcasting of a Gamepot game

  • Experiencing the G-gee application

  • Making an original button badge

4.Experiences section

- GMO Yours, a synergy café
- GMO Bears, a kids' room
- GMO BaliRelax, a massage service and napping space
- GMO Siesta, a napping space
- GMO Library, a study space
The visitors experienced what Group partners usually eat, how they take rest, and how their children play at GMO Bears.

  • GMO Yours, a synergy café

  • Café visitors help themselves to whatever they like.

  • Candy house for the Family Smile Day

  • Experiencing and enjoying the chocolate fondue

  • Experiencing the BaliRelax massage services

  • GMO Bears, a kids' room