GMO Family Smile Day 2014

A family event, "GMO Family Smile Day," was held on Friday, August 22, 2014, with the theme "Smiles for families!" and with the purpose of helping Group members' families, who support the members daily, better understand the members' workplace and creating smiles on the faces of the participants.

1.Office visit and tour

A guided tour of GMO Internet Group's welfare facilities and offices was conducted.

  • A colorful balloon arch welcomes the visiting family members.

  • Experiencing GMO Gamepot's music video games

  • Experiencing the exchange of name cards

  • Exchanging name cards with Uncle Lolipo, a character created by GMO Pepabo, Inc.

  • Taking a commemorative photo with Uncle Lolipo. The photo was given to the child/children on the spot.

  • Visiting a floor where Group partners are at work

2.Participating Group partners' families visit the workplace

Group partners' families who participated in the Family Smile Day event visited the workplace and enjoyed exchanges with other Group partners.

3.Service Testing Booths

Booths to test out services by group companies, including:
・SUZURI (GMO Pepabo)
・Video Games (GMO Game Center)
・Girls Camera, SugarDraw (GMO Media)

Moreover, the section presenting the latest technology by using images created by our engineering experts, of whom we are very proud, turned out to be a great success

  • The latest technology section

  • The latest technology section

  • Experiencing the GirlsCamera

4.Experiencing welfare facilities

・GMO Yours, a synergy café
・GMO Bears, a kids' space
・GMO BaliRelax, a massage service and napping space
・GMO Siesta, a napping space
・GMO Library, a study space
The visitors experienced what Group partners usually eat, how they take rest, and how their children play.

  • GMO Yours, a synergy café

  • GMO Siesta, a napping space

  • GMO BaliRelax, a massage service and napping space