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Community & Responsibility

Child Fund Japan

Since 1975, Child Fund Japan has helped deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children, families, and communities in Asia through meaningful, sustainable solutions. Currently the organization supports children in the Philippines, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The organization seeks to connect people one-to-one and is committed to promoting the rights of the child through international development cooperation in the spirit of harmonious co-existence.

Give Children the Chance to Read a Good Book

Give Children the Chance to Read a Good Book is an initiative by GMO Internet Group company, JWord through which books are donated to elementary schools throughout Japan. JWord is committed to promoting language culture and encouraging children to read.

Peace Wings Japan

Peace Wings Japan is an NGO dedicated to the support of people in distress, threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil. Since 2006, GMO Internet Group company, JWord has raised over 5 million yen for Peace Wings Japan in an ongoing Internet click-fundraising campaign.

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